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It is a Win for you and a Win for the Outfitter

Raised in a hunting and fishing culture

My inaugural encounter with a buffalo: a wade and stalk in Coutada 14, Mozambique - a memory from many moons ago.

I hail from the rugged landscapes neighboring the Soutpansberge and Waterberge in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. It was a childhood immersed in the ethos of hunting and fishing. As a teenager, I learned the art of the walk and stalk, emphasizing shot precision, safety, ethical hunting practices, and the careful handling of harvested game. Back then, ammunition was a rare commodity, so precise shot placement was paramount; messy kills were to be avoided.

In my pursuits, I walk and stalk creatures that grace my table. To each their own - the meat from a trophy hunt is always valued and never squandered.

I've traversed nearly every concession listed here, numerous times over. It's a testament to the trust I place in these grounds.

Perhaps one day, our paths will cross, and we'll regale each other with tales of the bushveld around a crackling fire. I have a hunch that you'll find yourself drawn back here, time and again.

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